A family affair. Anzie, created in Montreal offers classic, colourful expressions that highlight the natural beauty and style of today's generation. These versatile and elegant collections are worn at the most fashionable events, yet they are simple enough to be enjoyed every day, providing "Everyday Luxury" for today's women. Explore the designs that started as a hobby to raise funds for a worthy cause.

A blurb from the Yu Fashion Designer Highlight: Anzie Segment:

How did you get started designing jewelry? What inspired you?

We started designing jewelry as a hobby for ourselves. When Barry, [my] husband was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 1996, the family decided to create a collection of jewelry to raise funds for research and awareness for the cause. We fell in love with all of the coloured gemstones and then expanded the collection to include fine jewelry in addition to the Lifesaver Bracelets, which are dedicated to supporting non profit organizations.
Our family has a background in Fine art and painting so it was a natural progression for us to be in the art, fashion and jewelry world. We still enjoy painting and incorporate our artwork in our marketing and design.