Land of Daughters

"Land of Daughters is our love letter to the world. 

It’s the belief that the little things are the big things, and that every day is an opportunity to celebrate them. Our intention is to provide products that bring you joy and to inspire change using the platform we’ve built. 

Metis + female founded, we’ve been around since July 2018 with a focus on creating unique scents for our candles, aroma sprays and solid perfumes. We love all things cozy and seasonal, and we’re homebodies to the core. This is reflected in a lot of the names we choose and also inspires the types of scents we design. Community is extremely important to us and one of the best parts of this business is when customers turn into friends.

We're here for the long haul. Not just when things are easy, but through the hard times too. To make a different future for the next generation. One that values knowing where their things came from and knowing where their money goes to.

Let's burn candles and the patriarchy together."

-Land of Daughters